My First Movie

This is legit the first movie I think I ever shot and finished. It was beautiful and is held as a treasure today. We got the whole crew in it: Nina, Isaac, Sammy, Addison, Eli (she did an amazing job as a background character), then of course me behind the camera directing :) Good times!

The Walk

This is a short movie that is literally just about the catch phrase "Just keep on, keeping on," followed by an explosion to make it all the more dramatic. This film only took about 10 minutes to shoot, throw on the computer, and edit. So pretty much by the time you're done reading this we were finished.

Clone Showdown 5

Yet another Clone Showdown with even cheesier effects. Stay toon for a thrill you'll surely forget. Luke playing the hero and Michael playing the villain.


This is an epic movie shot and edited with an Ipad. Took a matter of almost half a day to shoot. Addison playing the villain, Michael playing the hero, Isaac playing the master, Sammy playing the mail man, and I directing and editing.

This is the story of how our Hero accidentally bumps into the wrong person and gets a black eye. Isaac playing the villain, Sammy playing the Hero, and I'm behind the camera.


This is a video about myself needing to keep my wallet protected. Connor playing the villain, I playing the hero.