Clone Showdowns

Clone Showdown 5

This is the latest clone showdown between me the main character and Clone 2.1. The battle makes close to no sense at all so I hope you like it :)

Clone Showdown 4

This is Clone Showdown 4. If you look close enough, I screwed up on a lot of the stuff. But that's just all funny to me anyways.

Clone Showdown 3

I love this clone showdown. I catch a bullet in my mouth. I think the gore freaks my dad out though. Anyways it's kinda cool 

Clone Showdown 2

This is clone showdown 2. It was probably inspired to do a Kamehameha because we probably visited the Kamehameha statue on the island. Maybe there's more than one statue, I really don't know.

Clone Showdown 1

This is the first clone showdown. I guess you could call it a classic ;)